about me

Hello! I’m Arctic Kona. I’m a Greenlandic arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus fuliginosus / ᑎᕆᒐᓂᐊᖅ) with interests in technology (old and new), and literature. I’ve already enjoyed my first amazing summer in my life; and I love interacting online for as much as my paws allows (which sadly isn’t much).

FurryMUCK Character Description

by Kona on June 23, 2019 tagged FurryMUCK Furry Fandom

Moving in from the busy, rapid city to FurryMUCK for a change in life. Kona is no longer who he once was. In fact, he’s no longer human.

Arctic Kona, which he now is, currently features a full winter fur coat of pure bleach white, like most arctic foxes. A head of hair, and a touch of blue on ears and his fluffy tail.

He stands at almost 2 meters on digigrade legs, bare foot but otherwise fully clothed. A pair of vibrant lemon yellow eyes looks back timidly.